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Scan a large volume of film quickly with outstanding quality.

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A workflow adapted to laboratories and large volumes of archiving.

  • 60 to 80 times faster scans compared to existing devices at similar resolution.
  • Reduce human intervention dramatically.
  • After quality control, the files can be sent automatically to customers with a modern cloud service.


A powerful scan and image enhancement.

  • 4 000 DPI
  • Antistatic ionizing brush at film insertion
  • New and innovative digital dust removal.
  • Powerful color management to match customers need.


A sturdy scanner for an intensive daily use.

  • Use of standard components simplifying maintenance.
  • Hardware scalability.
  • Continuous software updates and improvements.
  • Replacement within 48 hours in the event of a breakdown.
Book your Aura 35

Increase your production with confidence.

New hardware with a warranty, up to 80x more productive than obsolete second-hand scanners. The only modern high volume solution.

more productive
speeder and cheaper

Optimization of time and costs by scanning the full film in one go. No need to rescan to change formats or in case of missed automatic framing. No need to buy additional carriers and engage in extra manipulations.

A lease-to-own purchase with no initial investment, which includes a warranty and express swaps to keep your production running in case of a material issue. No additional repair or maintenance costs during the leasing term.

accessible investment
support réactif

Reactive support with regularly updated image processing software, continuous online help and evolving hardware monitoring.

Book your Aura 35
fini les vieux scanners fini les vieux scanners fini les vieux scanners fini les vieux scanners fini les vieux scanners

No more hunting for spare parts and machines from another age...

AURA 35 was born from the observation of the constantly increasing demand for digitization (the analogue market has grown by 7% annually for 5 years), the lack of a modern scanner suitable for intensive high-quality use and most existing scanners being operated far beyond their expected end-of-life for lack of an alternative.
A team of engineers carried out meticulous work to achieve the lasting solution that professionals were hoping for. The AURA 35 has been designed after identifying the qualitative and quantitative needs of laboratories, the improvements that can help them in their daily work, customer expectations and to minimize its impact on the environment throughout its cycle of life.
Book your Aura 35

An eco design that respects the environments and the user.

Book your AURA 35

After several months of user research and prototyping, we are moving towards industrialization. To optimize production costs, we want to involve you by learning about your needs and estimating your interest in our solution.

By filling out this form, we will add you to our mailing list to receive further updates and we will be back in touch to answer your questions and talk about your needs and expectations.

Technical specifications

Resolution 4150 DPI optical, 4000px on the short side, or 24MP for 24x35. Can sample from HD capture for lower quality resolutions.
Film Types 35mm film. Color negative, black and white negative, color positive, black and white positive. Band scan from 4 views or full band. Unlimited view width (half format, panoramic...).
Dusting Mechanics: integrated ionizing brushes.
Software: Dark field and AI technology, compatible with color AND black and white film.
Imaging sensor Quadlinear CMOS sensor of 4096 pixels, 12-bit conversion, RGB + Infrared without interpolation.
Imaging optics Apochromatic industrial optics, optimized for flat field reproduction.
Light source Red, Green, Blue and Infrared LED backlighting. Visible dark field lighting for dust removal. Front lighting for reading tracking codes, twin-checks etc.
Focus Focus fixed at the factory for better stability, adjustable by the user or a field technician.
Scan time Approximately 20 seconds for a full strip of 36 frames at full resolution.
Dynamic range 3.6 (72dB), 12-bit. Possibility to capture in HDR depending on the model.
Sustainability The scanner is designed to be easily repaired and upgraded with industry standard parts.